About us

Art Studio ZI OOD provides individualization of interior design solutions, combined with a wide color scope of materials to make each project original one of a kind.

Art Studio ZI OOD offers high-quality services in the domain of furniture and interior design. You will recognize our own style in the modern furnishings in offices, hotels, restaurants, establishments, outlets etc.  

The services we are offering include:

  • Arranging – conceptual solutions for the space management and furniture positioning in the premises;
  • Suggestions about floorings consistent with the customer's requirements, the specific use of each premise and the overall visual effect;
  • Color solutions for walls and ceilings, ideas for interior elements, architectural details and decoration;
  • Solutions for the arrangement and selection of lighting bodies (main and auxiliary)
  • Selection of sun protection tents, blinds or curtains;
  • Supervision during the performance of building and installation operations;
  • Organization of the building and installation team, supply of materials and site equipment;
  • Professional consultancy in the selection of modular furniture and electric appliances;
  • Operating projects for monolithic furniture. Specification of appearance and selection of materials and mechanisms.

The service scope is oriented towards providing comprehensive service packages, expanded from the elaboration of conceptual design through the building and installation work, carpentry, water and sewerage, electricity, alarm system services to the complex equipment and arranging.

Manufacturing of furniture on individual design – we can manufacture furniture of veneered MDF, MDF varnish and laminated flat panels (LFP) subject to the customer requirements, their type and purpose.

Consultations – related to the interior space design, selection of appropriate lighting, furnishings and decorative elements. Researches about the possibility of performance and realization of your ideas.